Sunday, December 13, 2009

The National - Two

Just when I thought Tina couldn't get any better...she totally does. This was the second 8 page editorial we did for the National while Tina was home. We shot this at an abandoned farmhouse by Mundare. Of course Tina Chang shot this and Juliana Schiavinatto from the Plutino Group styled this. Eric Duffy assisted Tina and Hailey Poole assisted Juliana.  The models are Courtney Baker and Rena Donaldson from Mode Models This turned out better than I could possibly have anticipated! Loved it!

The National - One

Tina Chang at her absolute BEST!!! We did this shoot for The National, which is the magazine Tina happens to work for and it was quite possibly one of the coolest shooting experiences of my life! We shot in Canmore in various gorgeous locations for about 12 hours or so. Juliana Schiavinatto from Plutino Group in Toronto styled and Hailey Poole assisted her. We had some pretty unreal sample pieces from Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, and Oscar de la Renta. SO FUN! We used Ciara Tucker from Mode Models and she did a really fantastic job.

Leila Beauty

This is a beauty creative I did recently with Arrlin Mejia of the Foto Projekt. This is the first time I've really shot with Arrlin and she totally kicked some serious ass. Malorie Urbanovitch was kind enough to style and we were lucky enough to get Leila from Mode Models  I hope ou like it!

Emma J

Eric Duffy shot this, and Malorie Urbanovitch styled.  Really love this shoot, we shot Emma J from Mode Models in Malorie's basement and it was really a great time.

Hailey Poole

Eric Duffy shot this particular shoot, and I loooove it. We did it at Malorie's apartment, who also styled this and we shot the lovely Hailey Poole from Mode Models It was a great day with some of my most favorite people ever!


I did this shoot with Hailey Poole on a ridiculously hot day! It was a lot of fun and Hailey s destined to be amazing! We shot Emma from Mode Models, who is an awesome model, and an awesome person as well! Loved working with both of them!


This was a shoot I did with Brianna Hughes, who is not only an awesome photographer but a very lovely person as well. A clean simple beauty creative done in her home. We used Riley from Mode Models Very fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Parlour Magazine

This was a cover I did for Parlour Magazine. I believe Lauren from Mousy Browns did the hair and Ashley Champagne shot it.  Kelty from Mode did styling and the model was Sam Ypma from Mode Models

Unlimited Shoot

This shoot was for Unlimited Magazine and was shot at the Chateau Louis Hotel, Edmonton. It was photographed by 3Ten Photography, models were Chad Helm, Sam Ypma, Lesley Swerden, Mariah Tang, all from Mode Models and styling by Erin Payne.


Tina and I shot a quick little beauty creative with Joelle Tang who I believe was represented by Mode at the time but is now independently represented. Erin Payne was kind enough to pull some clothes for us.


We shot Courtney from Mode in her parents home which was quite possibly the coolest home I've ever seen.  Malorie styled and Tina shot this super cool, super romantic shoot.


This is Hailey Poole from Mode, hands down my favorite model ever. Not just because she is gorgeous, but because she is truly a fantastic person.  We shot this in an abandoned office building downtown.  Erin Payne was kind enough to style and Tina shot this of course.  I really enjoyed this shoot.


We shot this on a VERY cold winter afternoon, but Leila from Mode was a trooper and handled it really well.  Tina shot this and lit it beautifully, and of course Malorie styled it. I really love this shoot!


We shot Janelle from Mode at the Timms Centre, and almost got kicked out a couple of times...which is half the fun...I guess? Malorie did some pretty rad space age styling, Lauren from Mousy Browns was on hair and Tina shot it.


This was a really fun shoot that we did in a dentists office with Gloria from Mode Models Tina shot this and Malorie styled.